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overwintering peonies in pots

Overwintering peonies in pots

  • Blog
  • 25 August 2023

While peonies are known for beautiful blooms, overwintering them in pots requires special care to ensure their health when spring returns. In this blog, we will explain how to overwinter peonies in pots.

Choose the right spot and location

Before winter arrives, ensure that the pots are suitable for the task. Use large containers with drainage holes. The pots should have adequate insulation to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. When winter arrives, consider moving the pots to a sheltered location, such as a garage or covered patio. This will protect them from harsh winds, rain, and extreme temperature fluctuations.

overwinter peonies in pots

Mulching for warmth

Mulching is a technique for insulating peonies against the cold. Once the growing season comes to an end and the foliage has withered away, spread a layer of mulch over the soil surface. This layer helps regulate the soil temperature and helps to prevent the peony roots from freezing.

Watering and hydration

Although peonies in pots require less water during winter, it’s essential to monitor their moisture levels. Water the peonies before the first frost to ensure they are well-hydrated going into winter. Check the soil’s moisture level regularly and water them if the soil feels dry.

Pruning and spring transition

When the winter has passed and it starts getting warmer, it’s time to prepare your peonies for their reawakening. Remove dead or damaged growth and gently remove the mulch from the soil surface. Move the pots to a partially shaded area and then gradually to a location in full sun.

More information about overwintering peonies in pots

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