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Top quality

Groot & Groot Peonies strives to offer peonies of the highest quality possible to our customers. We can realize this because of our unique methods during; cultivation & harvesting and processing. This goes for both fresh flower and root production. Our entire company is organized to secure the highest quality possible in relatively large production amounts. We invite you to visit our company if you’re curious about our procedures!


Groot & Groot Peonies is also reviewing its assortment continuously. We strive to be innovative and offer our customers the most exclusive and latest available varieties.

Fresh peonies all year round

Groot & Groot Peonies offers its customers year round supply of fresh peony flowers. We can realize this because of our production farms and partners in multiple different climate zones. At this moment we have production locations and partners in: Italy, The Netherlands and South–Africa. Groot & Groot Peonies operates on a global level and has significant experience in doing business abroad.

Global operations

With the latest and best varieties, production locations in various countries, national and international sales channels and service-oriented sales, Groot & Groot tries to color the world with its peonies.

World-wide delivery

Groot & Groot Peonies delivers its flowers and peony roots in more than 25 countries worldwide. Because of that we have significant experience in dealing with export legislations and transportation. We also have multiple logistical channels that we can use, so we can offer efficient and high quality delivery of our products.

This is where we operate

The Netherlands
The Groot & Groot headquarters are located in The Netherlands. Here both high quality peony roots and flowers are being produced and exported to more than 25 countries.

Groot & Groot Peonies has intensive partnerships with several different Italian peony growers. By doing so, Groot & Groot Peonies is able to supply customers with a wide assortment of peony flowers early in the season. Those flowers are being processed, sold and distributed from our location in The Netherlands.

The production location in France is known for the extreme heavy quality. Groot & Groot France is located in the Provance Valley on an altitude of 340 meters. Groot & Groot is able to produce its XXL peonies at this location.

South Africa
In 2019 Groot & Groot Peonies started a new production project in South-Africa, located at the Western Cape. We teamed up with a local partner and together we have created Cape Town Peonies. The peony flowers from this location will be available from the beginning of October until the end of January.

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