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What makes us unique

Groot & Groot Peonies is a Dutch family business, peonies are our passion. We grow, process and directly sell peony flowers and roots of the highest quality. The vast majority of our peonies are grown on our own farms in The Netherlands, Italy, France and South-Africa. That way we can deliver you the best fresh peonies directly from our production fields in relatively large quantities.

Fresh peonies all-year round

We are able to supply fresh peonies all year round.

Top quality

We focus on high quality products in workable quantities.

Global operations

With farms in The Netherlands, the south of France, Italy and Africa.

World-wide delivery

We deliver our flowers and roots in over 25 countries.


We have exclusive rights in many varieties and offer them exclusively.

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Where and how to buy

There's a difference in logistics between buying fresh peonies and peony roots.
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Our stock in Aalsmeer is directly linked to the Starflor webshop. Our flowers are available and ready for shipping 24/7.


Direct purchasing is always possible, please contact our sales department directly


Our flowers are available at the Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Naaldwijk locations.

We supply the following markets with our peony roots:

Cut flower projects

We can deliver high quality roots in large quantities for your cut flower peony projects.

Pot growers

We can supply multiple peony varieties that are perfectly suitable for pot cultivation.

Collectors & Gardeners

We offer multiple exclusive varieties that are wanted amongst collectors and gardeners.


We can supply a wide range of varieties that are suitable for all kinds of landscaping projects.

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