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which peony types are there

Which peony types are there?

  • Blog
  • 21 March 2024

There are a lot of different types of peony varieties, we’re ranking them in four different categories: Hybrid/Lactiflora standard, Itoh standard, Hybrid/Lactiflora premium and Itoh premium. In this blog, we will tell you more about these peony types. Feel free to read on.

Hybrid/Lactiflora standard

The peony type ‘Hybrid and Lactiflora’ contains varieties for all purposes. It includes both popular and historically productive types for growing flowers, as well as compact and more easy flowering varieties that are suitable for cultivation in pots.

Itoh standard

The ‘Itoh standard’ category stands out for its impressive beauty and the extremely vigorous plants it includes. Those characteristics makes the Itoh a highly favored peony type in gardening and pot cultivation markets. Itoh’s are also well-known in the dry sale markets.

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Hybrid/Lactiflora premium

The ‘Hybrid and Lactiflora premium’ category contains the world’s newest Lactiflora and Hybrid peony varieties. These varieties are primarily sourced from international breeders and are carefully selected for their top-notch characteristics for the different markets. Looking for a unique peony type for your collection or garden? Then this is the category you’re looking for.

Itoh premium

The ‘Itoh Premium’ category contains the latest and most exclusive Itoh varieties. Imported mainly from the United States, these varieties are carefully selected on the most unique characteristics and the most vivid colors possible. These unique colors are rare to find in other peony categories. Ideal for both gardening and pot cultivation, the Itoh Premium varieties stand out for their beauty and uniqueness.

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Groot & Groot: Peonies all year round

Would you like more information about the different peony types? Or are you curious about the prices of our peony roots? At Groot & Groot we are able to grow peonies all year round. So we are not seasonal. Please feel free to contact us. You can also email us directly: or call: +(31) (6) 110 60 243. We are happy to help you!