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Peonies are extraordinary unique types of seasonal flowers. Groot & Groot is a professional peony roots and peonies wholesale. Because of our resources, knowledge and passions, we managed to be able to distribute flowers as well as roots, all your round! Take a look at our amazing selection of different kinds op peonies, or reed more about the peony flower and what Groot & Groot has to offer you.

What are peonies?

A peony is a classic garden plant that is available in all kinds of colors such as red, white, pink and dark pink. Peony is short for peony rose. This flower is a perennial. This means it will flower more than once during its lifespan. Its lifespan can last more than 10 years. A peony grows to about 27 to 39 inches tall.

Peony nursery

Groot & Groot is a specialized peony nursery in the Netherlands. We supply these flowers to customers world-wide. At Groot & Groot there are many types of peonies available in all kinds of colors and of great quality. We offer our costumers a wide range of options regarding different kinds of peonies, peony inspiration, background information, nourishment information and quality service.

World-wide delivery

Groot & Groot is a peony wholesale that delivers its flowers in more than 25 countries worldwide. For that reason, we have significant experience in dealing with export legislations and transportation. We also have multiple logistical channels that we can use, so we can offer efficient and high quality delivery of our peonies.

Advantage of Groot & Groot peonies wholesale

At Groot & Groot we are able to grow peonies all year round because we have multiple farms in different climate zones. We are therefore not bound by the seasonality of one climate zone. We can supply you with the best quality peony flowers in different colors and quantities, 365 days a year.

Peonies wholesale: contact us

Would you like to know more about the peony flower or roots? Perhaps we can tell more about the prices and how to place an order. In that case, you can contact us without any obligation. It is also possible to email us directly: or call: + (31) (6) 110 60 243.

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There are various ways in which we distribute our peony roots.
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Our stock in Aalsmeer is directly linked to the Starflor webshop. Our flowers are available and ready for shipping 24/7.


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Our flowers are available at the Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Naaldwijk locations.

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