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Peony roots will be the start of the most beautiful and the most interesting flower there is to find. We are probably bias in that sense because at Groot & Groot, we came together to share our passion for peonies. So if you share the love for peony flowers, then you’ve come to the right place! We are a professional wholesaler of peony roots as well as peony flowers. Take a look at our amazing selection of different kinds op peonies, or reed more about the peony flower and what Groot & Groot has to offer you.

What are peony roots?

After some years, peony roots can be harvested and propagated. A peony plant consists of tuberous rhizomes and during the propagation, the rhizome is torn or cut into multiple smaller rhizomes. This process creates small root cuttings. These roots are placed in a special bath after cutting or tearing, and then they are dried. After this, the cuttings can be replanted. When these cuttings are planted, new peonies will bloom in the future.

When should I sow these roots?

Peony roots are best planted in the early autumn. Peonies perform best in nutritious and moisture-retaining soil. In addition, it is important that the peonies are planted where there is at least a few hours of sunlight. When the cuttings are planted in the autumn, they will perform better. This way you will have a good chance on beautiful peonies in the future.

Groot & Groot: peony roots wholesale

Groot & Groot is the production company for peony roots. We supply these in large quantities and in all kinds. These cuttings are of great quality, and they are delivered worldwide. In addition, we can also supply them all year round! You don’t have to wait for the right season.

Advantage of Groot & Groot

We have a very wide assortment with regular, premium and very exclusive roots. We strive to offer the biggest and best quality in the market. Furthermore, we offer our peony cuttings worldwide for; cut flower projects, pot growers, collectors and landscaping projects. Therefore, Groot & Groot is the ideal partner.

Peony roots for sale: contact us

Would you like to get some more information regarding the peony roots? Perhaps we can tell more about the prices and how to place an order. In that case, you can contact us without obligation. It is also possible to email us directly: or call: + (31) (6) 110 60 243. We are happy to help you!

Where and how to buy

We supply the following markets with our peony roots:

Cut flower projects

We can deliver high quality roots in large quantities for your cut flower peony projects.

Pot growers

We can supply multiple peony varieties that are perfectly suitable for pot cultivation.

Collectors & Gardeners

We offer multiple exclusive varieties that are wanted amongst collectors and gardeners.


We can supply a wide range of varieties that are suitable for all kinds of landscaping projects.

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