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when to plant peonies

When to plant peonies?

  • Blog
  • 19 October 2022

Peonies are perennials, meaning they will stay in the ground for multiple years after planting and will produce flowers every season. Because peonies are perennials it’s essential to use the right timing and techniques during planting, to ensure maximal productivity and quality. In this blog we will give some more insights regarding those topics.

The best period to plant peonies

The right period for planting of course depends a lot of the climate you’re going to plant the peonies in. Traditionally in Holland peonies are planted in the fall in October and November. This gives the peony roots time to settle in before the temperatures start dropping and the winter starts. Peonies like to have some frost during the wintertime, those low temperatures will prepare the roots and their fresh shoots for the next blooming period ahead.

when to plant a peony

How and where to plant peony roots

Peonies like nutrient-rich and moist soil, but can preform well on most soil types and in most climate zones. Depending on the variety and the size of the roots peonies should be planted 50 to 60 centimeters apart for flower-harvesting purposes. As a rule of thumb 75 centimeters between the rows is a nice baseline to start with. Peonies can be planted using multiple techniques; using different kinds of planting machines or by hand. The eyes of the roots should face upwards and the roots should be covered with approximately 10 to 15 centimeters of soil for the best results.

Groot & Groot: Peonies all year round

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