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The meaning to the symbolism of the peony

  • Blog
  • 20 January 2022

The peony flower is a unique and magical flower with a rich history that started in China. The origin of the beautiful flower dates back a long time ago. The magical powers of the flower were used as medicine. They said the peony roots had an astringent and fever-reducing effect. Because the flower was helping the people, the peony became extremely popular. Around 1800, the flower made its way across the oceans into European lands. Off course, the European people also fell in love with this amazing flower. We would love to tell you more about the peony flower meaning and the correlated symbolism.

Peony symbolism

Throughout the years, the peony flower integrated in the lives of the people. United with daily lives, culture and rituals, the flower became the symbol of meaning. People used the different types of peony flowers as a symbolic gesture to express feelings and to celebrate special occasions. They used the flower to express hope, love, grief, sympathy, wealth, happiness and many more. The peony became part of traditions across cultures.

Peony colours

Nowadays, regarding the traditions, rituals and culture, the colours of the flower represent occasions and expressions. People all over the world use them to express themselves. And the special part is that the meaning of the colours, and what they stand for, has become universal throughout the years. That is why the peony flower is so very special and important to the people. Regardless off who you are, where you live and where you are from. Peonies literally bring people together when you look at it from this point of view!

Red peony

Who doesn’t know the red version of the peony flower? And of course, everyone understands the red colour represents passion and powerful intensity. Therefore, the red peony is often used on Valentine’s Day, to celebrate an anniversary or to express feelings of desire and love. The red peony is also used to express respect and honour. Offering a red peony is enormously meaningful in that regard. This actually started the Chinese royalty. They would regularly use this flower to decorate their gardens. It became the symbolization of royalty. The red colour offers many options for the peony lover.

White peony

The white peony flower radians elegance, classic lifestyle and sophistication. It represents hope and prosperity for many people. Therefore, people regularly use it to celebrate a new path in life. Of course, the white variant is also used for funerals. The white colour represents paying respect and remembering and celebrating a beautiful life. To express compassion like this, also flowed into a different approach to the white peony. Nowadays, people also use the white flower to express sorrow and regret. Giving this flower, has become a way to apologize and to ask for forgiveness.

Yellow peony

The yellow peony will bring a smile upon everyone face. The bright and uplifting colour represent new beginnings and fresh starts. People can use it as a house-warming gift or simply as a nice party gift. The reason to give the yellow flower is to simply bring joy and happiness to the receiver. Who doesn’t want a gesture like that?!

Pink peony

The pink coloured peony is the signature colour of the peony flower. The queen all the way on the top of the peony strings. With the subtle and very pretty look of this flower, it is often associated with love. Not just romance, but any kind of love people want to express to others. The pink peony will be perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays or for when you just want to express your appreciation.

It’s a peony world

Like we said before, peonies bring people together in celebration of any kind. It helps people to express their feelings, and it brings lots of inspiration to express lots of types of love. Did you just decide to show your appreciation to your brother? Would you like to make somebody smile by offering a yellow peony flower? Or are you interested in many peonies to decorate your wedding location? We would love to help you with all that. You can contact us, without any obligation.