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Get to know the processes behind the peony roots of Groot & Groot Peonies.

  • Blog
  • 18 February 2021

You’re probably already aware of the fact that Groot & Groot Peonies strives to offer its customers the highest quality peonies possible. In this blog we would like to explain which methods and processes we apply to insure our customers the highest quality possible.

The peony roots cultivation of Groot & Groot Peonies

The cultivation process of the peony roots is naturally the most important part in ensuring quality peony roots for our customers. There are a few key points that we as Groot & Groot focus on during the cultivation:

First of all, we try to manage the cultivation of our sold peony roots 100% ourselves. This makes sure we can influence and steer the cultivation in the direction we want, based on the methods we like to use of which we known will result in high quality products. Groot & Groot Peonies is also applying strict selection conditions for new varieties that we test before we will proceed to a larger level of cultivation. Only the varieties that meet our strict criteria will pass and have a chance to be produced on a larger level for commercial purposes.

Besides that Groot & Groot Peonies carefully selects production locations for every individual variety. Because we test every variety on our own and with our decades of experience we can determine which variety will perform and grow best on which soil type. Assortment management is a main key-point in the strategy of Groot & Groot Peonies. Because we like to cultivate our products ourselves, we have to keep innovating our assortment in order to meet the demands of our customers. In the past this strategy has resulted in multiple successful varieties that are exclusively sold by Groot & Groot Peonies nowadays.

During the cultivation, multiple quality-control moments will take place in order to ensure the high-quality products that we like to cultivate. An example of this is the extremely detailed soil-analysis that we will have carried out multiple times during the cultivation period. This analysis will gives us very important insights about the specific fertilization options that we have. This way we make sure the plants have ideal circumstances to ensure maximum growth and plant-health. Besides that, Groot & Groot Peonies will take multiple samples of every variety to analyze the uniformity and the authenticity of the varieties.

Planting, harvesting and processing peony roots at Groot & Groot Peonies

Groot & Groot Peonies is using the most advanced and up-to-date technology and machinery during the planting, harvesting and processing processes. We have dedicated suppliers of machinery that constantly try to innovate and customize our machinery and technologies. During this innovative process the quality of the roots always has the highest priority. We won’t accept a new innovation if it will harm or won’t improve the quality of the roots from our perspective.

Dedicated and experienced workers are arguably even more important than machinery and technology. The quality of the peony roots is mostly realized by our amazing, dedicated and experienced employees. Groot & Groot Peonies has access to employees that are very experienced and have been working with the company for many years. We as a company try to constantly improve the working conditions for our employees. A good example of this is the employee residence that we have built in 2019. At this moment 28 employees are happy to work and live on the terrain of our company.

Packing and storing peony roots at Groot & Groot Peonies

Besides the cultivation, technology and employees, packing and storing facilities are very important when it comes to producing quality peony roots. In 2019 Groot & Groot Peonies has made an investment in new packing and storing facilities that are equipped with the newest technology. This provides the peony roots with the best climate circumstances during processing and storing the peony roots.

The packing of our peony roots is being carried out in a cautious manner by experienced employees. We’re using peat to protect the roots from dehydration during storing and transportation periods.

Exporting the peony roots of Groot & Groot Peonies

Groot & Groot Peonies is selling its peony roots in more than 25 countries worldwide. We deliver our roots to very small to large customers. To put this into perspective; we deliver very exclusive roots to customers that will order 3 roots of one variety. But we also deliver ten thousands of roots to customers that will wholesale or use the roots for new cut flower peony projects.

Providing our peony roots all over the world has given us the necessary export experience when it comes to regulations and logistics. We have multiple logistical partners that are specialized in exporting agricultural products. This way we can offer our clients an efficient logistical process that also meets our high-quality standards.

Before any peony roots is being exported abroad, the Dutch Naktuinbouw authority has to approve our peony roots. During the cultivation process the Naktuinbouw will carry out field inspections where they’re checking; abnormalities, diseases, uniformity and quality. The peony roots will not be released for export purposes if one of those requirements is considered not to be up to standards. Besides that Groot & Groot also facilitates the pre-clearance for shipments to the United States and Canada.

What will determine the quality of your peony roots?

By means of the text below we would like to explain to you what you should look for into a peony root when it comes to determining the quality.

First of all, the amount of eyes on one root is very important. The eyes on a root will grow out to be a peony stem and during the first two years those stems will make sure the root will develop and grow to a root that provides many flowers. There are roughly 3 different sizes we use in order to indicate the amount of eyes on a root; 2-3 eyes, 3-5 eyes and 5-7 eyes. Every category will have its own price range.

Besides the amount of eyes on one root, the roots itself are also a very good indicator to determine quality and plant health. The color of the roots is supposed to be evenly brown colored. Black colored roots are an indicator of too much water during cultivation. On the evenly brown colored roots, ideally new small white roots will develop. This is an indication of very healthy roots that are eager to start growing and developing once planted in the soil.
Besides the eyes and roots, uniformity and variety authenticity are also very important when it comes to quality. As a customer you don’t want to buy a variety that is not uniform in the field. As a peony grower, there is nothing more beautiful than a nice and uniform bunch of peonies on your kitchen table. The tricky part once it comes to uniformity and authenticity is that you, as a customer can’t really determine this by looking at the roots itself. It’s important that you trust the procedures and quality control mechanisms of you supplier in this case. This is one of the reasons, that we as Groot & Groot Peonies, put a lot of effort in both aspects.

Up till now we have explained the physical checks that can be done on the roots and plants itself to determine quality. Advise, service and after-sales service are in our perspective also important factors when it comes to buying peony roots. We as Groot & Groot Peonies have built up massive amounts of experience over the decades when it comes to growing peonies. We can provide customized advice and service to all our clients. We will advise which varieties will perform best in particular circumstances and which cultivation technologies will be working best in the environment. By providing this extra advise and service in the process of selling peony roots, we try to improve the quality of the delivery itself and we try to differentiate ourselves from the competition.