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can you grow peonies indoors

Can you grow peonies indoors?

  • Blog
  • 11 July 2023

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to grow peonies indoors? The answer is yes! These beautiful flowers are often associated with outdoor gardens, but it’s also possible to bring the allure of peonies indoors and grow these flowers in pots or containers. In this blog, we will tell you more about growing peonies indoors.

The types of conditions peonies like

Peonies can grow well in various climates, but they grow better in cooler temperatures than they do in warmer climates. Peonies require an amount of cold to break dormancy and produce flowers. Besides temperature, peonies prefer at least 5 hours of sun per day. Finally, peonies will grow best in a nutrient-rich and moist soil.

How to grow peonies indoors

As we said before, it’s possible to grow peonies indoors. However, it is critical to keep the peony’s environmental needs. Before you buy peonies, you should pay attention to the variety. Peonies can vary in size from one to eight feet tall. The herbaceous peony is a smaller plant that is perfect for indoors.

If you want to grow peonies indoors, you have to plant them in a pot. This pot needs to be at least 18 inches wide and 18 inches deep. The materials don’t matter, but they need to have drainage holes that allow excess water to escape. Next, the pot has to be filled with a rich yet well-draining potting mix.

When planting the peony or peony root, the eyes of the root need to be covered by more than two inches of soil. Burying them deeper than this will prevent them from blooming. The best time to plant peonies, is in the fall or spring. It’s important to move the pot to a cool area such as a garage. Peonies need to be exposed to cool temperatures during the winter. When spring arrives, you can move the potted peonies back indoors.

Indoor peony care

Caring for indoor peonies is almost similar to caring for outdoor peonies. Most peonies need at least five hours of bright light every day. Therefore, you should put your potted peonies in a bright location. For example: near a window. Besides, you should keep the soil relatively moist until the peony’s roots are established. When they reach this point, you should water them deeply about once every week.

With the proper care, peonies can thrive indoors. The plants require cold temperatures in the winter, they require bright light every day, and they need a pot that is large enough to support their growth.

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