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Preserving Perfection: The Importance of Storing Peonies in Cooling Rooms

  • Blog
  • 21 June 2023

Peonies are a well-known symbol of beauty and elegance, with their rich petals and bright colours. As cherished flowers, they are often used in a variety of locations from weddings to home decorations. However, careful storage is required to maintain their freshness and increase their longevity. Cooling rooms, with their controlled temperature and humidity, serve an important role in preserving peony’ immaculate appearance. In this article, we will discuss the significance of preserving peony in cold environments and how it improves their longevity.

Prolonging Freshness: Because peonies have a short vase life, appropriate storage is essential for prolonging their freshness. Cooling rooms provide a controlled atmosphere with appropriate temperature and humidity levels, which aids in the natural aging of cut flowers. By storing peonies in cooling rooms, the flowers can retain their vibrancy and beauty for an extended period.

Temperature Control: Temperature is an important factor in peony longevity. Cooling rooms provide a stable and low temperature, usually around 1–4 degrees Celsius (34–39 degrees Fahrenheit), creating an environment that inhibits bacteria growth and decreases the rate of respiration of the flowers. This temperature range is beneficial for peony since it keeps them from withering, browning, and dropping petals.

Humidity Control: Another important component in protecting the quality of cut peonies is humidity management. Cooling rooms keep humidity levels around 90-95%, which is ideal for these delicate blooms. This high humidity prevents dryness and keeps peony petals turgid, ensuring them remain plump and lustrous. Adequate humidity also relieves stress on the flowers, reducing withering and extending their total longevity.

Minimizing Ethylene Exposure:  Ethylene gas, a naturally occurring plant hormone, hastens the ageing process in flowers. It is produced by a variety of sources, including ripening fruits, rotting plants, and vehicle emissions. Cooling rooms specifically intended for floral storage are often ethylene-free settings. By preserving peonies in these regulated environments, the flowers are protected from ethylene exposure and can keep their pristine condition for longer.

Peonies have fragile, layered petals that are susceptible to bruising and damage during transit and storage. Cooling chambers provide a safe haven for these delicate blooms, insulating them from exterior influences that might compromise their aesthetic and structural integrity. Cooling chambers help keep peony in their original shape and beauty by reducing physical stress such as jostling and temperature swings.

Peak Season: Peonies are in high demand for special events and occasions, especially during their peak season. Cooling rooms provide an answer to the enormous demand for these gorgeous flowers by offering appropriate storage conditions that extend their availability. Florists, event planners, and stores may stock up on peonies in chilling rooms, ensuring a plentiful supply throughout the season, even during peak seasons.

These controlled environments provide the necessary temperature, humidity, and ethylene-free conditions that are crucial for preserving the freshness, beauty, and structural integrity of these delicate flowers. We can extend the life of peonies by using cooling rooms, allowing us to enjoy their elegance and appeal for extended periods of time. So, the next time you enjoy the magnificent allure of a peony, recall the efforts needed to store and preserve its flawless bloom—a monument to the value of cooling chambers in the realm of floral preservation.